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If you are a Medical Spa owner, laser technician, injection specialist or esthetician performing procedures such as micro-needling or deep chemical peels you may be offering services that require compliance with Colorado DORA Rule 800.

Our mission at is to offer Colorado Medical Spas a fully turnkey solution that keeps you 100% compliant with the revised Rule 800 regulations at a very affordable cost.

New regulations proposed 4/2017 were adopted 6/14/2017 and have caused some Medical Directors to either drop their Medical Spa clients or dramatically raise their fees; yet, they’re still unable to ensure that they’re complying with the new regulations.

We at take these new regulations seriously as they make it very difficult for a good, competent, non-physician-owned MediSpa type business to stay in business. Many smaller businesses have already fallen since the new rule was implemented.

These new regulations on Medical Directors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Directly observing all personnel performing the procedures requiring supervision to assess their training and competence prior to delegating responsibility to do so.
  2. The delegating physician and the delegatee must have a written agreement documenting and detailing the relationship.
  3. On at least an annual basis, the delegating physician must personally reassess the qualifications and competence of the delegatee to perform Medical-Aesthetic Services.
  4. At least every 2 weeks, the delegating physician must monitor the quality of the services provided by the delegatee through such means as direct observation, review of care, review of outcomes, review of equipment, review of protocols and procedures and review of charts.  The monitoring must occur at the site where the delegated services are performed.
  5. For all supervised procedures, written standard operating procedures and emergency procedures must be provided.

RULE 800

Noncompliance can result in major fines, suspension of operations or both.

There are many more requirements in place for both Spa Owners and Medical Directors which can be found at Rule800. RULE 800 – 

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